Rebuilding Greenwood

by Quanstar and LexZyne Productions

Creationism 01:48
Gods to niggas niggas to men, Now a man on a quest to be a God again, Favorite weapons are my brain and my pen, Think it up execute it and then, Don’t give up and every loss is a win, Defense I don’t break I bend, I dink and dunk to the zone at the end, Step by step day by day, Weight on my eyelids but awake I stay, My fate I make my choice my own, All that preordained shit what the fuck ya’ll on, More prone to power than pride, I’m a live even after I die, Positive even harder I try, Or rather even harder I do, Speak into existence only way it comes true, Never lucky never played the lottery, Always blessed hustle is my policy, (break) Millionaire mind thinking and grow, Dollar tree sprout forth from the seeds I have sown, Forty acres and a mule is the lyrics I give, Make’em wish they gave reparations to my relatives, Cause by the time that my grandkids got grandkids, Our influence in the world would’ve expanded, Dinners with dignitaries diplomats and dictators, Prime minister presidents industry regulators, Sultans and princes kings and then, Back to the community fortune I bring, Just a trip into my dreams what is keeping me driven, Culmination of goals family and ambition, 100 million dollars create a million jobs, The hood to heaven now we got a million Gods.
Black Money 02:46
Verse 1 Black Lives Matter but really it's Black dough, Hold our Black money til our lives matter mo, Cause cream is the theme in the world today, Anything for the bling how the powers play, We can use that greed if we know they game, Our hood we feed homie grow that grain, Don't run from it embrace the pain, Buy a couple politicians don't lose that gain, Turn the gangs that bang into hood militias, Firearms legal no way to convict ya, Selling weed legal is the way to get richer, Fuck now stay with the bigger picture, Cause the bigger your vision less likely they'll get ya, Bigger our division the harder they'll hit ya, Build it from the bottom use planning and patience, Teach our kids that Black money's amazing. Verse 2 Black money ain't crack money might sound quite funny, Crack money is white money, White money brought the drugs to the hood streets, White money made it the only way the hood eat, White money bought land up the hood had, White money sold a gentrified hood pass, Black money do the same that they did, Get white money by starting a business, Take the money and stash in a black bank, Sit back watch the white hood deteriorate, Cash out a couple councilmen to hold your plan, Donation to the mayor to get that land, Met the governor sure that the permits will pass, Cause it don't he knows you gone replacing his ass, Next step build the infrastructure in the motherland, black money power the people should understand.
Verse 1 Payday get them new Kobes, Launch at midnight I’m a stand in line, Gotta tell my momma that my shit is short, Probably won't give her my rent on time, Ain't gone take it too well, Acting like the money that I give her ain't nothing, Pay her 500 every month, Why the hell is she frontin, That helps with the mortgage and the groceries, Utilities don't need no more to spend, I work hard everyday, She acting like I'm supposed to give her all my ends, Just cause I live with her she think she own me, Just cause she raised me she think she know me, Everything I do she got something to say, Told me to be a man boys always play. Chorus: It's the Id vs superego, What we should or what we want, impulses that's pushing the people, Common sense or the common front Verse 2 Get off the phone with my baby mama, She mad cause she can't pick my daughter up, Me and my woman got plans tonight, Told her tomorrow I will follow up, Said she had to be at work soon, No one she knows can be babysittin, Bitch started cussing at me, Said I always do this at the last minute, Started yelling back, Only owe her child support and a check, Needed to remind her that, Wouldn't be a problem if the muthafucka never had left, Conversation over running late, Call my momma sure our daughter she would take, She ain't talking to me so you have to do it, Now get off of my phone with that boo hooin. Chorus: It's the Id vs superego, What we should or what we want, impulses that's pushing the people, Common sense or the common front Verse 3 Me and my dudes hit the VIP, Fly as fuck wigga lookin sweet, Brands new suit fucking fresh to def, $50 cut I'm on fleek, Bought a couple bottles and we calling out, Throwing pussy like a pitcher on the mound, Should I hit the curve or the fastball, Swing on the slider hit the back out, Supposed to have work tomorrow, Fourth time in a month I be calling out, Pops got me this job, If I lose it now him and Mom will probably kick me out, id vs superego impulse or the logic's right, id thinking that this dude is black, Why my superego made me make him white. Chorus: It's the Id vs superego, What we should or what we want, impulses that's pushing the people, Common sense or the common front
Truth 03:44
Intro: So He said to the Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, you are truly My disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”. John 8:32 Verse 1: When Reaganomics was in effect, Grow into a criminal the world still expect, Rodney King beatings powerless cops free, Even with the video they were not guilty, Philando Castille proves the same shit still, You say all lives matter I’m like get real, Born with the right to vote first generation, But my choices are choosing stabbing or strangulation, But we still believe in the American dream, Even though most Americans don’t know what it means, Kaep take a knee now the whole world pissed, Timothy Loehmann walks free world ain’t saying shit, hypocrisy of the people that’s supported by, A system that treats truth like an emboldened lie, Fox CNN and MSNBC got it, Just understand that facts are skewed to get the profits. Chorus 1: These are the things that you shall do: Speak the truth to one another; render in your gates judgments that are true and make for peace; Zechariah 8:16 Verse 2: White Jesus said to repent, System said send them niggas to the pen, Government brought the drugs in, Politicians real thugs in the end, Remember when she called us super predators, Remember what three strikes did to us, How many Black and Browns up on drug counts, Epidemic as the white addicts mount, were always more white druggies than Black ones, Hid in news during cracks run, Go back son think about it, White folks was getting lit what did you see about it, You had heroin junkies rich coke sniffers, Had so much powder nose veins turn to fissures, Real money selling rock travel uptown, Cops turf cut em in or get bucked down. Chorus 2: The truth has come and falsehood has vanished. Indeed! Falsehood is ever bound to vanish. Quran 17:81 Verse 3: Dr West and Dyson should squash the beef, Farrakhan call a meeting like he did the streets, just a revisit of the past I suppose, Malcolm and Martin Washington and Dubois, Would be allies to foes verbal dukes, Smartest do it rest will follow suit, Lead follow or loner they all have benefits, Drawbacks and consequences wonder which you will pick, Leader is responsible for everybody every bit, Followers get the order do the shit, Loner don’t have order but they by themselves, Hit a snag ain’t nobody there that could help, All have a place all have a purpose, Fight over fake shit all is worthless, Which takes me to the first line of the verse, Need to squash the beef all of us get hurt. Chorus 3: The truth. It is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should therefore be treated with great caution. Professor Dumbledore
Greenwood 02:49
Verse 1: Everybody is a God don’t want to create, Think it’s odd that we’ll rather destroy than make, Guess it’s proof that all Gods ain’t good, I guess it's why they calling them Sets in the hood, White wife Quan how the hell you pro black, That’s my family dog I don’t worry about that, Don’t mean I’m a pro cause you’re an amateur, Acting like a champ ain’t even a challenger, About stamina marathon gains, Ya’ll running sprints I’m playing the long game, Made a 20 year plan in ‘05, Worked it like a cat that had one year to die, Had two jobs called them my investors, Air tight compressed under pressure, There are days I’d rather hustle than eat, That’s what happens when you’re building Black Wall Street. Chorus: Greenwood in our hood, Every city every state, Rebuilding a Black Wall Street, We should own the oven and the cake. Verse 2: 45th is the best thing for Black folks, Where the government stands now we all know, Hell in addition to the pickets, Invest in our communities start a couple of businesses, Cooperating economically, Each one teach one resonates sonically, That’s how you build a castle in a palace, Filling our cup with the wine from the chalice, only difference between a dealer and a pharmacy, Is the dope boy didn’t do it legally, And if feasibly keep a lawyer on retainment, Not for criminal but for your corporation, Cause we can be a moon or a planet, Be a planet or a star, The star that got locked out the room, Don’t give a fuck cause he built another door. Chorus: Greenwood in our hood, Every city every state, Rebuilding a Black Wall Street, We should own the oven and the cake.
Leaders 03:12
Verse 1 Shout to the players taking knees, Bigger shout to those in their communities, Cause symbolisms pretty good I guess, Entreprenegusisms even best, Start a couple businesses the coin to do it, Show these youngsters that giving back ain’t nothing to it, Show these older dudes they can lend a hand, Show your peers rebuilding your hood makes you the man, High school drop some dough for it, Need new book homie go for it, Tell the ball players get that free degree, a launching pad fuck the easy B, Most of them won’t even sniff the league, Don’t be harsh or shit on their dreams, But when they graduate put a couple on your team, Pay it forward that’s how you really lead. Chorus: That’s what leaders do, (repeat 3 times). Verse 2 Shout to these rappers active in the game, Bigger shout to these cats with more money than fame, Ya’ll know these labels do not give a fuck, Some of ya’ll muthafuckas are still caught up, These younger spitters did it themselves, You rather talk shit then lend them some help, Speak on the pitfalls but ain’t doing the shit, Their money dwarfing yours now you envious, You do not like the music our parents hated ours, Guidance we should be choosing teach them to be a star, Bread appreciate before another ride, Value diminish when they take a drive, Tell’em they managers they shouldn’t trust, Have their own lawyer contracts never rush, Use that rapping as a springboard, Put your squad together stay on one accord. Chorus: That’s what leaders do, (repeat 3 times). Verse 3 Negroes love slogans that’s what Damon say, Like chanting shit together take the pain away, Blacks Live Matter cause of killer cops, Did you see the videos think the killing stop, No justice no peace what we say we want, Why the fuck you do it at a Houston’s restaurant, You know how many black spots in the A, Should’ve been going there in the first place, Fuck Dove on my timeline feels worthless, Buy a bar of Dial defeats the purpose, No NFL til Kaep get a gig, going back owners don’t give a shit, Mad cause they injecting collagen, Chess not checkers quote thee arsonist, Argue over empty shit distracts from the truth, Ignore the white noise is what leaders do. Chorus: That’s what leaders do, (repeat 3 times).
Verse 1 My goal is a million dollars a month, Was reluctant to say that is what I want, Afraid to be rewarded what my hustle took, Thinking about the love of it had a nigga shook, I never wanted big house cars and jewels, Tangible shit I attached money too, But embedded very deep within my psyche, Had me running from it that million was terrifying me, Out my mouth I was yelling out getting the bread, But the root of all evil was inside my head, Not thinking about the wealth I could leave for my kids, Investments in my community I could've did, Justice is buy a legal defense, Political power if you spending them cents, Even though I reading every book I'd find, I was afraid of that millionaire mind. Chorus Said that I could make a million dollars, But I didn't believe it, It can change my community, But I couldn't conceive it, Scared money don't make money, So I wouldn't achieve it, Now my ambition is matching my grind, Transformation into a millionaire mind. Verse 2 How was the Samaritan good, If he didn’t have the money think he do what he should, Cat was robbed while heading to Jerhico, Stripped naked and left beat on the road, He was ignored by a Levite and a priest, Samaritan came along and helped off of the street, Took him to telly paid room for the night, Charged the rest said to let him stay til he right, Needed that denar to fulfill those deeds, Doesn’t sound to me like it’s the bad seed, Evil niggas are evil without the dough, With currency it's more apparent than before, If I strive to be greater than greed, The greed within me’s never greater than me, Rooted down like a redwood tree, don’t worry about the moss and the weeds. Chorus Said that I could make a million dollars, But I didn't believe it, It can change my community, But I couldn't conceive it, Scared money don't make money, So I wouldn't achieve it, Now my ambition is matching my grind, Transformation into a millionaire mind.
How long? 00:40
Pride 03:40
Verse 1: Pride is a funny word many meanings, Angle that you look at it is how you'll see it, The arrogant use it to show they better than, Oppressed use it to represent their stand, You know like something to drown their sorrows out, Reformation of strength for powerful, Foundation built on a sinkhole, House collapse from the pressure in a blink though, Thinking that it’s strong enough to weather the storm, Then the storm comes through too quickly to warn, Rubble everywhere only thing inside, The mortars and bricks where you built that pride, build it again in the same place, crashing again in the same way, If you put your ego on pause, Move it three feet over and the future is yours. Verse 2: Fuck pride want power and I promise not to piss on the pitiful, Pinnacle in my tower higher than all of miniscule’s tentacles, Strangle the cynical with their cynicism, Not literal just talking some symbolism, My homie told me black pride was realism, I told him black empowerment is futurism, That's called optimism forward thought, Evolving revolution what our fathers fought, Responsibility for what we need to do, Teach it to our kids so they’ll have it to, Need to stick a dollar bill to every vote, Buy the court that’s the way that justice goes, I just saying nothing that I spoke is new, Feeling like a preacher speaking to the pew. Verse 3: I don’t pledge allegiance to the flag, I ain’t done it since eighth grade, Fascism why I don’t do that, If you do it shit that’s okay, Pride in the flag really can’t see, My birthright it should pledge to me, Citizens prove their loyalty, when the government betray them every day, It’s like earning all your royalties, then your label comes along just piss it all away, Artists can relate to what I say, But that’s a different song for another day, Indivisible under God turn on the news you’d disagree, I guess it’s pride that everyone doesn’t have access to the same liberty.
PTSD 04:08
Verse 1: Compton in the ‘80’s was the place that I be, Probably suffering from PTSD, Gang shit crazy cop shit worse, News fucking hates me feel like I’m cursed, At an early age had to see the world real, 8 when I saw the first cat got killed, 10 watched popo smash a dude’s grill, Really no reason just do what they feel, Couple years later pops moved to the A, Was I a reason that he was moving away, Baby cousin killed in a driveby, Everyday feeling like I might die, Stopped doing homework grades fell too, Family thought drugs was the change of mood, Tried to talk to my mom always came out angry, Thinking that I was going fuckin crazy. Verse 2: Man I hated who I was, Couldn’t fucking face who I was, Didn’t understand it held it all in, This is really where my pain begins, Lack self esteem and had self loathing, Used arrogance hide like clothing, Headphones on Public Enemy and Ice Cube, empowerment they preaching couldn’t truly vibe too, My pain was a lot more embedded, Hid where race and religion couldn’t get in, One eye angry one eye sad, Couldn’t speak on it was a boy that’s Black, Self-medicated wasn’t with drugs, Sex was the way that I gained self love, That was just a temporary fix, Every day looking for more hits. Verse 3: Latasha had scared of the corner store, Cops had me scared to ask questions, Gangs had me scared to wear colors, LA’s a powder keg and I’m stressin, Looking in the mirror only saw flaws, Tried to get better always had pause, I was also happy when writing, Things I’m going through I started reciting, This was my first try at therapy, Using my art to repair me, Wasn’t going too deep though, So after every song back down rabbit hole, Same self image needed new latitude, College in the A need a new attitude, Clark Atlanta University that was 94, Two years flunked out now lost even more..
Open Letter 03:05
Verse 1: Dear George Zimmerman, Hope in your nightmares you see his face and remember him, February 26, 2012, if there is one hope that day it condemned you to hell, Couldn’t image the pain his parents are dealing with, See you celebrated ain’t that a fucking bitch, Follow and harass’em confront’em try and gett’em, Ass beat pull the pistol and now you the victim, 911 even told you don’t follow, apparently the part of it ringing hollow, But hey all lives matter I get it, Unless it ain’t someone that looks like one of your kids, It’s a shame my sons can’t wear a hoodie in rain, Without being a thug and worthy of being slain, What if he was white what would you think then, Would he be right I’d let it sink in. Chorus: They told me violence is not the way, Convincing myself times better, Reality has something else to say, Sittin penning this open letter, (Repeat). Verse 2: Dear Detective Servin, You’re walking around free when life you should be serving, I hope you’re suicidal when you’re home alone, I hope Rukia’s name chill you to the bone, What the fuck were you doing off duty that had you spooked, Had looking down an alley pull a pistol and shoot, Open and shut trade uni for a jumpsuit, Should’ve known facts and evidence would never due, Again all lives matter is the hashtag, Like always they got the wrong parts back, Judge Porter should lose his spot on the bench, For letting him go even though he acknowledged what he did, Beyond reckless but still not guilty, Checklist fulfill another niggas killin, But that’s okay ya’ll gone feel this pain, When the cops start killing ya’ll too late to complain. Chorus: They told me violence is not the way, Convincing myself times better, Reality has something else to say, Sittin penning this open letter, (Repeat).
What else? 00:51
Verse 1 This is that freedom rap music that Punch back music, That read the Constitution know your rights for you lose it, That every Black man should own a pistol and a business, Stop by the cops stream live as a witness, That economic revolutionary rap banger, Move my money over to support the black banker, Buy a house in the hood before the gentrification, Class for the community in money education, So we can understand our value and know plan, Shipped to the outer cities while others moving in, Find a couple politicians pay money to get it in, Start local be at state by the time my kids are men, voting without the money is eating without nutrition, Freedom without the money ain't nothing but contradiction, Power without money and knowledge is nonexistent, Knowledge is the root of it all so fucking listen. Chorus Rap music freedom rap music, That indie hustling never back music, Own it all put it in my contract music, Rap music freedom rap music, Rap music freedom rap music, Invest in your community buying while black music, Build it from bottom the base then stack music, Rap music freedom rap music Verse 2 Independent hustler blow like a missile, Quickbooks make sure my accounting official, Turbotax keep the IRS off my assets, Track the currencies and the countries where I got checks, Have a biz plan be clear with my mission, Make goals can't be afraid of my vision, Think big build small talk low stand tall, David with a sling shot even giants can fall, I don't need a label to eat, Well at least that's what it says on my P&L sheets, Defiant from jump never tried getting on, Raw dog the industry for past artists shitted on, Button up and fitted on open for the headline, Merch table help keep a dude off the redline, Freedom to make a career of my art, The knowledge I share coming straight from the heart. Chorus Rap music freedom rap music, That indie hustling never back music, Own it all put it in my contract music, Rap music freedom rap music, Rap music freedom rap music, Invest in your community buying while black music, Build it from bottom the base then stack music, Rap music freedom rap music


Rebuilding Greenwood is the seventh project from Quanstar and LexZyne Productions. The album is a tribute to Black excellence, struggle, and empowerment. Named in honor of the Tulsa neighborhood titled Black Wall Street that was destroyed during the Tulsa Race Riots of 1921.

Rebuilding Greenwood is an honest and heartfelt look at the Black community - the strengths and weaknesses - and how, despite struggles and setbacks, it has always been able to pick up and succeed.


released February 28, 2018

All lyrics written by Janale Harris for Quanstar, LLC.
All songs produced by Rashad Cunningham and Alex Gholston for LexZyne Procudtions.


all rights reserved



Quanstar Atlanta, Georgia

Quanstar is an underground hip hop artist out of Atlanta. Originally from Compton, his major influences were artists like Ice Cube, Souls of Mischief, and Common.

Known as hip hop's da Vinci, Quanstar is also a filmmaker, author, and comic creator. In just around 15 years, he's released over 15 projects as an independent artis
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