A Rapper's Words: Double Issue 002 & 003 (digital)

from Quanstar

Whether through referencing comic characters in songs, having a comic style album cover, or being the featured hero of one’s own book, there is no question that the Hip Hop and comic worlds have always intermingled with each other on some level; however, nothing like this. Eight years in the making, A Rapper’s Words is the brainchild of American underground Hip Hop artist Quanstar. Each issue will be a self-contained story illustrated around the lyrics of some of Quanstar’s most socially provocative songs.

Again illustrated by Rafa Lee, the second release of A Rapper’s Words is a double issue illustrating the lyrics of two of his most prolific tunes.

Issue two - “Someday Soon” - is a story of two men. One was falsely accused and arrested while walking from work. The other promised his wife before she died that he would do everything to make sure their daughters were successful, but it’s turning out to be a bigger struggle than he anticipated.

Issue three - “As Far As My Eyes Can See” - is a journey into the reality of the power of money and oppression. The first story picks up from “Someday Soon”, a young lady at a rally to free the young man arrested sees the head organizer go into a meeting with the Mayor and Police Chief with demands, and come out claiming justice has been served. Another shows a wife and her son eating alone, because her husband is working late. Next, you see the son working late with his father, and the wife sitting at the dinner table alone with a bottle of wine. The last, shows a man and woman each receiving an envelope of money on separate occasions, then being in the presidential debate.

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Quanstar Atlanta, Georgia

Quanstar is an underground hip hop artist out of Atlanta. Originally from Compton, his major influences were artists like Ice Cube, Souls of Mischief, and Common.

Known as hip hop's da Vinci, Quanstar is also a filmmaker, author, and comic creator. In just around 15 years, he's released over 15 projects as an independent artis
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