A Rapper's Words: Issue 001 (digital)

from Quanstar

Whether through referencing comic characters in songs, having a comic style album cover, or being the featured hero of one’s own book, there is no question that the Hip Hop and comic worlds have always intermingled with each other on some level; however, nothing like this. Eight years in the making, A Rapper’s Words is the brainchild of American underground Hip Hop artist Quanstar. Each issue will be a self contained story illustrated around the lyrics of some of Quanstar’s most socially provocative songs.

The first issue of A Rapper’s Words will be A Ghost In A Shell. The story takes an in depth look on man’s dependence on technology and how it has nurtured the worst in us, e.g. narcissism, violence desensitization, and fame mongering. Quanstar’s powerful lyrics coupled with Rafa Lee’s (Center Lane and Fluttering Dreams) dramatic black and white illustration create a synergistic flow that promises to be a strong launch for this bi-annual series.

A Rapper's Words comes with a free download of Quanstar's latest album, Play Games, and get your first ride with Uber (up to $20) free.

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Quanstar Atlanta, Georgia

Quanstar is an underground hip hop artist out of Atlanta. Originally from Compton, his major influences were artists like Ice Cube, Souls of Mischief, and Common.

Known as hip hop's da Vinci, Quanstar is also a filmmaker, author, and comic creator. In just around 15 years, he's released over 15 projects as an independent artis
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